Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sessions on Bioinformatics and Translational Sciences

These two items from Janet's presentation would lend themselves well to further discussion. I also heard people saying that they would like to understand these two concepts better. That seems to argue for inviting a speaker to talk about the concept and then have discussion based on that further articulation of the issues. For example, we could invite the new SLIS director, Jeff Huber to talk about bioinformatics and we could invite Bill Balke or Geanie Umberger to talk about the clinical and translational science intiatives. One option would be to ask our Employee Development Committee to plan a forum around these two topics.

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Gail K said...

I like the idea of speakers on these topics. I would hope if we had speakers we would draw a reasonable audience. Would we be safe in assuming we'd have a decent turnout?